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Anxiety Programs

Many people struggle with depression and/or anxiety, and with the negative impact of these conditions on relationships, overall health and well being, and coping with daily life.

Weight Loss Program

If you are struggling to lose weight, there are four main ways hypnosis can help: Hypnosis has the ability to help you increase your will power around food choices.

Addiction Programs

Clinical hypnotherapy can help you to overcome the behavioural patterns and compulsions that contribute to problem drinking. But also other addictions can be cured by hypnosis.

common questions

The majority of people can be hypnotised. Over 90% according to studies. When someone ‘can’t’ be hypnotised, its generally due to not wanting to be hypnotised or being fearful as such. The most important thing to realise is that in a therapeutic context, clients can’t be made to do anything they do not wish to do nor be controlled. You are ultimately always in control.

In the extremely unlikely event, and no other form of counselling is utilised, you won’t be expected to pay for the session

Hypnosis is not a magical potion made out like some suggest. But it is a powerful method of resolving inner conflicts and stresses that bring about unwanted habits like smoking or fingernail biting. If the issues you come to see me about aren’t addressed in our hypnotherapy sessions it generally comes down to two reasons:

1) Stress or anxiety levels are so high that other methods have to be utilized at the same time eg medication, yoga, to reduce the overall level of stress in order for us to resolve the unwanted habit or behaviour you came to see me to address in the first place.


It’s very hard to quit smoking when you’ve just broken up with your partner (a time of huge stress!). It is not impossible, but hypnosis combined with doing yoga, doctor consultations and perhaps nicotine replacement therapy will more than likely make the outcome more positive during a period of such high stress.

2) Your level of motivation to address the issue is not high enough. Often I will receive a referral from a past client who sends a friend who needs help with a similar issue. Often they will think that there is no work involved due to what their friend has said to them. Fact is, hypnotherapy will help significantly a lot of the time but you still must expect that there’s work involved. You still need motivation on your part.


If you come to see me to curb your alcohol consumption, you must also expect that certain behaviours might have to change also for a period of time. For instance, you might have to make sure you don’t go to after work drinks on Friday, or to spend time with a particular friend who is constantly with a bottle of wine in a social environment for a period of time.

Unlike other hypnotherapists I do not offer a guarantee for my services because I believe it reduces client motivation to get the result they’re looking for. You are less likely to quit smoking for example, if you can get a refund at a later time in the time of a weakness and smoke. The money you spend for hypnotherapy creates another barrier to help ensure that money isn’t wasted by smoking again. Or by drinking too much again.

Hypnosis is a relaxed therapeutic state where suggestions are made that allow for your unconscious to become receptive to consciously desired changes such as quitting smoking, losing weight, providing relief to anxieties or increasing confidence.

We can often struggle against ourselves making change more difficult.  But with hypnosis, making changes becomes much easier because we alter the ‘mind’ behind ‘the mind’ or the autopilot responses that we often have to battle against to make the desired changes.


There are many myths about hypnosis. It is important to dispel these myths before any hypnotherapy takes place.  It is essential to note the following points as the information usually eases my client’s minds about the process of hypnosis and trance.

  • You cannot be controlled nor made to do anything you do not consciously wish to do in this state.
  • You have to be in conscious alignment and receptive to the suggested changes otherwise it’s likely that you will not take the suggestions on board at an unconscious level.
  • Conscious motivation is important – you have to want to be a non smoker or to lose weight etc. at least on a conscious level for the hypnosis to be helpful and effective.
  • More than likely you are going to hear every word that is said to you in this hypnotic state. You are unlikely to go unconscious but this can happen, particularly in the latter sessions.
  • Most clients at the end of the sessions say the process is deeply relaxing and stress reducing in it of itself.

I see most clients for an average of 3 sessions. I do have clients that come to see me on a consistent basis as they simply like the meditative effects of hypnosis. However, it should be noted that if progress hasn’t been made in 4 sessions, hypnotherapy may not be the right modality for you.

No. Not everyone should be hypnotised. If you are schizophrenic or you’re currently suffering from depression or have ever experienced any psychosis in the past, you will probably need a referral from your GP and psychiatrist for any hypnotherapy.

If there’s ever any doubt whether hypnosis is the right option, you must see your GP or qualified health professional before seeing me.




I have seen Michael for the five visits and found by the third session my eating habits were already changing, I have found that meals I was eating before are now way too big.I’m certain that this is just the start of what i’m going to be able to achieve.


West Footscray


Michael uses hypnosis as wonderful technique to help bring positive changes to people. I have found it to be extremely helpful in my goal to stop smoking and I have greatly enjoy each session with Michael, and each session has a hugely positive effect on me.


South Australia


I have had 5 sessions with Michael; I cannot believe the change in such a short time. It has exceeded all my expectations. I feel I’m now in control of my life the first time in 50 odd years. I’m now strong enough to take control of my eating and my health. A huge heartfelt Thank You Michael.

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Michael Pattinson is one of Melbourne’s leading Hypnotherapists – helping people like YOU feel better (anxiety/depression), lose weight or break habits or phobias


Michael Pattinson

Clinical Hypnotist

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