Hypnosis as a Form of Treatment for a Fear of Flying:


There is a surprisingly number of studies that suggests hypnosis may be an effective form of treatment for aviophobia or fear of flying for some individuals. In the article Hypnotherapy for Flight Phobia by Peter A Bakal M.D., twenty-one aviophobia sufferers were studied using hypnosis as a form of treatment. In another case study: Short-term Hypnotherapy for the Treatment of Flight Phobia: A Case Report, a 30-year old married woman with aviophobia immediately flew cross-country after three hypnotherapy sessions using Erickson hypnosis techniques after formerly suffering from a debilitating form of the condition.

My Social Phobia Hypnotherapy Program:

My program consists of three to five hypnosis sessions. Three sessions are normally recommended . Some see satisfactory improvement after just one however.


It is recommended a three session package is purchased ($490) but you may opt for a singular session as a trial ($180). As with all my appointments, they can be booked online on my system below. Please see the bottom of the page if you are interested in more resources.

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